Precious Metal Recycling: How is Iridium Powder Recovered? A Detailed Guide to Iridium Powder Recycling

The topic of iridium powder recovery has been covered in many of our issues, but there are still friends who don’t know how iridium powder is recycled. So today, I will talk again about the recycling of iridium powder, giving everyone an updated understanding of both us and the process of iridium powder recycling.

Platinum group metal
The first step in recycling iridium powder is separation, which primarily involves separating the iridium powder from the other substances it is mixed with accurately and precisely. How can this separation be achieved? We can use strong acid solvents, as these solvents can completely dissolve iridium.

After the dissolution step is complete, we use chemical reagents to precipitate the iridium. Through chemical reactions, iridium slowly settles down in a solid state, achieving separation from the solution. Do you think it ends here? The separated iridium then needs to be dried to remove excess moisture, followed by a final purification process. Only after these steps can we successfully recover the iridium powder.

The recycling of iridium powder is not just a practical application of chemical knowledge; it also makes everyone aware of the complexity of iridium powder recycling, hoping that everyone can gain knowledge.